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Our Social Media Management is designed to provide you with the essential services that will enable your company to spread like wildfire. Give us the reins and allow us to do what we do best!

Our Services include: Content Creation, Dedicated Account Management, Page Monitoring, Strategic Posting & Monthly Reports.

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Enhance Brand Awareness (Followers)

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see a Brand with a large following? They have a reputation and there is a form of trust that follows.

Here at 1st Class we will help to enhance your Brand awareness on Social Media and help you build that reputation.

Boost Client Relations (Engagement)

Boosting engagement builds on your brand's trust. Having more engagement will help you establish a solid foundation with your clientele and help direct you with your marketing initiatives. By analyzing what and how your clients engage will determine whether or not you're on the right track.

Increase Traffic & Conversion Rates

Increasing website traffic will inevitably increase leads & sales. You can influence your traffic organically or by advertising in order to enhance brand exposure.

Social media management, content creation, and SEO services are all organic generators. We offer advertising services for further exposure. 


Choice of any 1 Channel

3 posts / week

Monthly editorial calendar

Total of 12 posts/month

$750 / Month


Choice of any 2 Channels

4 posts / week per channel

Monthly editorial calendar

Total of 32 posts/month

$1250 / Month


Choice of any 3 Channels

5 posts / week per channel 

Semi-monthly editorial calendar

Total of 60 posts/month

$1650 / Month

PR Writing & distribution 

Establish a solid foundation. Expand your business through Major News Sites like Google News! Boost Branding Online increasing visibility!


Will Social Media Marketing Help Your Business?

Let's put some numbers out there for you and perhaps paint a better picture. There were 4.4 billion people actively using social media around the world in 2021, stats show a year-on-year increase in active users of 13%.

Now let's ask you this, where else are you going to get that kind of marketing coverage or opportunity?

Marketing through social media is one of the most versatile & cost-effective strategies for small businesses to reach their targeted audience & boost conversion rates over time. 

Social media marketing is versatile because no matter what products or services you are offering, there are countless ways of marketing and advertising your brand while targeting the appropriate audience. 


Check Out These Statistics:

55% of consumers learn about new brands on social media

68% of consumers state social media enables interaction with brands & companies

80% of business executives believe it's essential to invest in social media marketing

78% of consumers are willing to buy after a positive interaction on social media

72% of companies use social media data to inform business decisions

85% of companies believe social media will be a primary source of business intelligence

These statistics will give you a good idea as to the importance of social media marketing. Your marketing strategy will play a vital role in growing your business, expanding your brand awareness & engagement. An efficient marketing strategy consists of market research, targeted ads, strategic posting, and consistency. Our social media management team can help you!

Did you know...

Social Media Marketing Has Many Other Benefits?​​

Social Media Marketing Improves ROI

Social Media Marketing Improves SEO Rankings

The objective of Search Engine Optimization is to boost your presence in relevant online search results on different search engines such as Google. 

That is accomplished through research, competitor analysis, current state assesment, and keyword searching. Planning and strategy, including content handling, managing social media presence, building backlinks to website, and technical implementaion strategies. 

Effecient social media marketing will impact your SEO rankings through backlinks, shared content, and more, the higher the ranking, the more importance google places on your website.

Social Media Marketing Allows Direct Access to Consumers

The opportunity to reach your consumers couldn't be more simple. Whether its for sales, to rectify an issue before any negative feedback is posted. Or to use the opportunity to help build your brand further - they purchase your product online, post about it, you can then share that post for further advertising, building on your brands trust. 

Once you have established a trusted brand, built upon your brand awareness and exposure, you will notice the increase in conversion rates. Followers converting into customers. All this begins by targeting the right audience and building  your onine presence effectively with strategically planned social media marketing.


Here at 1st Class For Success we offer customized Social Media Management campaigns that include the Market research relevant to your niche, SEO filled content creation, dedicated account management and we post to the channel of your choosing

What Does Our Social Media Management Agency Do?

Here at 1st Class For Success we handle all of your Social Media Marketing needs including content creation and publishing, advertising & social media monitoring. We strive to surpass your expectations and smash your marketing initiatives!

Understand Your Target Audience, Competition, & Your Business As A Whole

To start, we will complete an initial assessment of your existing online presence, and your business as a whole, including competitors & target audience. 

We learn what there is to know about your business and niche. What sets you apart and your unique selling points. 

We help to develop a marketing plan to meet your marketing initiatives. We will help you find the right audience and what drives them to take action. 

We'll delve into your competitor's social media and find what resonates with your shared target audience.

Once we know more about your business, your audience, and your competitors, we will be in a better position to manage your social media platforms.

Social Media Advertising

Graph png1.png

There are different aspects to social media marketing, whether you are looking to drive traffic to your website, generate leads, increase engagement or increase conversion rates, social media marketing can help you achieve it all. 

Many business owners are not overly familiar with advertising on social media, that is because it can get a little technical while setting up the advertisements. 


Our social media experts are experienced with implementing appropriate advertising techniques in order to achieve marketing initiatives. We will establish an advertising campaign that will best suit your business plan. 


From concept to execution, we are the team for you!

Content Creation & Strategic Planning

After establishing a solid marketing strategy, we will create content for your social media platforms. 

The content will be attractive, engaging, and packed with SEO elements.

While posting on Social Media may be straightforward, many small businesses don't have the time to manage their social media accounts efficiently or as consistently as a hired social media manager or agency would. 

Social media management can be very time-consuming, this is why we are here! We are here to alleviate your workload so that you can focus your time on what matters to you, whether that is focusing on your customer service, your business in other aspects or time away from the office - living life. 

Depending on the package selected for your business, we will plan several posts throughout the week on one or more platforms of your choice. 

Social Media Monitoring & Monthly Reports

Social media marketing is not a one-hit-wonder. It is a process. You must not expect immediate results, it is a process that takes months of planning, monitoring & adjusting in order to meet and exceed your goals. 

Not only does it take time to establish a solid marketing foundation but the social media landscape changes regularly, and requires constant attention.

Social media monitoring is where we monitor your social media efforts. We ensure that your followers are being responded to whether it's private messages or comments. We want to make sure that your followers feel heard and seen in order to boost conversion rates. The more engagement, the more trust.

We will provide your business with monthly reports so that you can follow your progress, and foresee upcoming accomplishments.